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Country overview

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2017 GDP Growth






2017 Gros Debt/GDP


A few facts

Turkmenistan has been at the crossroads of civilizations for centuries.

It has the world's sixth largest natural gas reserves. The Galkynysh gas field has the second-largest volume of gas in the world. Its reserves could, based on current UK usage, meet Britain's entire natural gas needs for approximately the next 250 years.

The Darvaza gas crater, known locally as the “Door to Hell” or ”Gates of Hell”, is a natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan, that collapsed into an underground cavern in 1971, becoming a natural gas crater. Geologists set it on fire to prevent the spread of methane gas, and it has been burning continuously since then.


Turkmenistan has embarked on a policy of gradual transition to market economy. However as of yet remains effectively closed for international portfolio investors.

A number of measures, including denomination of the national currency and switching to the international accounting standards, have been implemented in the country.

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